Aircraft, Military, & Commercial Custom Cable Assemblies

Superior quality industry certified cable assemblies you can trust

Our cable assemblies are a critical element in both the highly specialized aircraft industry and on mission critical military applications. Both our cable and assemblies are manufactured in-house from start to finish and our military fittings meet MIL-DTL-781.

Our custom assemblies are crafted with precision and expertise. We stock thousands of fittings to meet your assembly needs. A few sectors our assemblies serve include: Aircraft Control & Military Cable Assemblies & Commercial Cable Assemblies

Our Aircraft Control & Military Cable Assemblies are built for military applications and we are a major supplier to a variety of other major manufacturers of commercial and military aircraft. Our finished assemblies are produced with our MS and AN type fittings. 

We also have a large assembly inventory, allowing us to produce custom assemblies for any application in a timely manner. 

Our hardware parts are manufactured at our Cableware® Division, allowing us to stock thousands of fittings to meet your assembly needs.

Our precise manufacturing capabilities allows for cable assemblies to be used in a variety of applications outside of aerospace & military, including:

• Automotive

• Construction

• Marine

• Medical Devices

• Rescue Hoists

• Safety & Security

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