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As craftsmen of wire rope for over 40 years, Strand Core has acquired a great deal of information about how wire ropes are made and how wire ropes perform in a range of applications. Below we have included a few areas of our expertise to share with you, our customers. This collection of technical information is designed to aid in the selection, use, and care of wire ropes and their related accessories. Click through each link to access the detailed product and performance information you see below. If you don't see the information you need, simply contact us today and we can discuss your particular requirements. 

Military Specification Cross Reference Guide

Quick reference to cross Military Specification QPL call outs with related Strand Core Part Numbers.


Wire Rope Stretch

Architectural Cable

See the types of stretch common in wire ropes as well as a calculator to help evaluate stretch in your applications. 

Product Packaging Options

Marine Cable

Review packaging options for all products that Strand Core offers


Pulley & Sheave Radius Guides

Review the industry standard calculation for determining your required pulley size and radius calculations for the aircraft cable in your application. 

Recommended Bend Radius Guide

Aircraft Cable

To obtain reasonable life from your rope, you must choose the proper diameter rope for your application. 


Standard Points of Measure and Assembly Tolerances

Learn to speak the language of custom cable assemblies! Determine from where you need to measure the length of your cable assembly given the style of hardware you have selected, and learn more about how the length of your assembly dictates the tolerances allowed in production. 

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