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7×7 Aircraft Cable
Aircraft cable

A Focus on Form and Function 

Architectural cables provide a mixture of performance and aesthetics: a form that is pleasing to the eye with function that guarantees safety and security in each installation. From structural members on civil engineering projects to railing systems installed in homes, businesses, or public buildings, Strand Core produces high quality strands and cables engineered specifically for these applications. Our Made in the USA product line uses only the best stainless steel alloys to ensure your project shines for years to come. Our state of the art high pressure cleaning system ensures a high quality finish and appearance. Products are available in both 302 / 304 and type 316 grades. Additional grades and constructions are available upon request. 

We recommend using the 7x7 and 1x19 Stainless Steel cables we stock for your next Architectural cable project. Click on a product line below for more information.  Other constructions and alloys are available by request. Need to meet a sourcing requirement on your project? Strand Core's architectural cable meets a wide range of local, state, and federal requirements, including Buy America, Buy American, and DFARS. Make sure to include this information in your quotation request.    

1x19 Stainless Steel Strand

Smooth outside, fairly flexible and resists compressive forces. Performs well in "Push/Pull" operations.

7x7 Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable

Durable with good abrasion resistance. Good general purpose for strength & flexibility.

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