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Strand Core is your wire rope, cables + strand supplier of choice, manufacturing in various alloys and grades.


Zinc coated Carbon Steel offers minimal corrosion resistance. Material remains ductile over long periods of use. Typically has a higher breaking strength vs. stainless materials

302/304 Stainless

The most common grade of stainless Steel. Provides good corrosion resistance.

316 Stainless

Used widely in the medical and food preparation industries. Very good corrosion resistance.

Bright Basics

A general purpose wire that is ideal for a broad variety of industrial and commercial uses.


IPS-Improved Plow Steel, EIPS Extra Improved Plow Steel, EEIPS Extra Extra Improved Plow Steel. Very resistant to wear and high in tensile as you "improve" mechanical properties.

Phos Bronze

Brass alloy can be coated and used in a variety including the electrical industry

Other Materials

Our Parent Company—CWI—offers many other material grade options, including but not limited to Stainless, Nickel, Copper, Brass, Inconel and Monel. Please ask us for special material grade requirements.

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