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Strand Core manufactures a wide range of products that are Made in the USA, and available to Buy America, Buy American, and DFARS specifications. Review our American made 6x37 IWRC Stainless Steel Wire Rope specifications in the table below. You can also download product specific data sheets for your reference. Don't see what you need? As Craftsmen of domestic Wire rope, contact us today and we will provide a custom configuration of materials and constructions that comply with a variety of industry specifications.   

6x37 Class IWRC Stainless Steel Preformed Wire Rope

ConstructionMin Break Stength (lbs.)Approx. Mass
Wt(lbs.)/1,000 ft.
Data Sheet
3/164.806x37 IWRC3,00065Download
7/325.606x37 IWRC4,00086Download
1/46.356x37 IWRC5,400100Download
5/167.956x37 IWRC8,300180Download
3/89.506x37 IWRC11,700240Download
7/1611.16x37 IWRC15,900350Download
1/212.76x37 IWRC22,200460Download
9/1614.36x37 IWRC27,800580Download
5/815.96x37 IWRC34,100720Download
Commercial; Federal Specification RR-W-410 & ASTM A1023M

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