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Strand Core offers a wide range of packaging options for your strand, aircraft cable, wire rope, or cable assembly purchases. From reels and coils, wooden or plastic, to bulk boxed shipments and individually bagged and labeled assemblies, we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the shipping, storage, and payoff that works in your application. 

Take a moment to review the many custom options that we have below. If no specified on your purchase order, Strand Core will select the best packaging option for your size and quantity based on our years of experience. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us today and we will work with you to select the packaging option that is right for your application. 

Strand, Aircraft Cable, & Wire Rope

Aircraft CableCoils

For shorter lengths of strand, aircraft cable, or wire rope, coiling product and shipping bulk in cardboard boxes provides a convenient solution to transporting your products. Primarily for shipment quantities 250 feet or less, coiling allows for easy resale packages and low profile storage of products on your shelf. Strand Core zip-ties and then places each coil into an identified plastic bag for shipment.  

Plastic Reels

Plastic reels offer a lightweight solution for smaller sized aircraft cable and strand to minimize shipping weights. Less durability and strength than traditional wooden reels and with fewer variations of arbor hole, flange diameter, and drum sizes. Multiple colors are available for resale if required. Cable diameters 1/8" and below are preferred. 

Marine CablePlywood Reels

Provides the most versatility on reel design. Used on the widest range of sizes and constructions. Plywood flanges with cardboard cores reduce overall shipment weight while providing a safe and effective storage and transport method for strands and aircraft cables from 1/32" to 3/8" diameters. Drum and flange ratios are easily customized to ensure minimal cable memory after shipment.   

Nailed Hardwood Reels

Built of durable lumber, these larger reels are sturdy and can withstand shipment of larger, heavier ropes. Preferred for wire ropes 3/8" and larger and for aircraft cable shipments over 300 lbs. Come in multiple arbor holes, flange diameters and drum sizes for a range of constructions and materials. 

Custom Cable Assemblies

Custom Cable Assemblies

Individually Packaged and Labeled

For customer cable assemblies that require traceability to the individual part level, Strand Core provides individual packaging that can include serialization, unique bag labeling, and any other identification that you require. 

Bulk Packaged

For commercial assemblies that do not require individual identification. Packaged and shipped in bulk with bundle sizes as requested to assist in counting and storage. Package level quantities and certifications provided, with carton level identification of customer product number and Strand Core manufacturing lot number on each box.

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