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Understanding how to specify the lengths and tolerances on your custom cable assembly is critical to ensuring you get the product you need for your application. Below is information on the standard points of measure for customer cable assemblies and the standard length tolerances defined by the overall length of your custom cable assembly. 

Assembly Points of Measure

Standard Points of Measure

When specifying the measurements on your cable assembly, be sure to include the reference point from which the measurements are taken. Standard points of measure are as follows:

B.P. (Bearing Point) - - Loops, Hooks, Stops
Ctr. (Center) - Eyes, Fork
End (or Overall) ----Studs, Ball, Stop
Loos and Company Standard Points of Measure

Assembly Length Tolerances

Liberal tolerances allow a faster rate of production and lower cost. The "standard" tolerances shown in the chart below normally permit a saving over "close" tolerances. Tolerances closer than those shown below can be supplied at a higher cost upon (1) reviewing your specific requirements and (2) mutual agreement regarding the method of inspection. 

Standard Assembly Length Tolerances, +/-

Assembly Length (Feet)Rescue Hoists /
Aerospace Assemblies
Commercial Assemblies
0 - 6.063".250"
Over 6 - 10.094".188"
Over 10 - 20.125".250"
Over 20 - 40.188".375"
Over 40 - 60.375".500"
Over 60 - 80.438".875"
Over 80 - 100.500"1.00"
> 100.563"1% of length


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