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In any cable or wire rope application, stretch may be a concern. There are two forms of stretch in cable and wire rope: Structural Stretch and Elastic Stretch.

Wire Rope Stretch

Structural Stretch

Structural stretch is the lengthening of the lay in the construction of cable and wire rope as the individual wires adjust under load. Structural stretch in Loos and Company products is less than 1% of the total cable length. This form of stretch can be completely removed by applying a cable or wire rope prestretching operation prior to shipment.

Elastic Stretch

Elastic stretch is the actual physical elongation of the individual wires under load. The elastic stretch can be calculated by using the following formula*:

Cable Stretch Calculator (E = (W x G) / D2)**


E = Elastic Stretch as a % of Length

W = Weight of load in pounds

D = Diameter of wire rope in inches

G = Stretch Factor (See Chart Below)

"G" Factor

Wire Rope"G Factor"Wire Rope"G" Factor
1x7 302 SS0.00007351x7 Galv0.00000661
1x19 302 SS0.000007791x19 Galv0.00000698
7x7 302 SS0.00001207x7 Galv0.0000107
7x19 302 SS0.00001627x19 Galv0.0000140
6x19 IWRC 302 SS0.00001576x19 IWRC Galv0.0000136
6x37 IWRC 302 SS0.00001606x37 IWRC Galv0.0000144
19x7 302 SS0.000019719x7 Galv0.0000178

*Values derived from this calculator are an approximation.
**Remember to keep your units of measure constant. The length of your cable must be calculated in inches to correspond with the diameter measurement, also in inches.

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